empirica participates in EHTEL workshop showcasing developments in the EU Blueprint for Digital Transformation of Health and Care

On 5 December 2018, a special workshop, intended as a match-making event, was hosted as part of the EHTEL 2018 Symposium “Empowered Partners in Health through user-driven digitisation”. The workshop sought to bring together health care managers and other actors who are working toward advancing digital health in their health care systems. Participants were given the opportunity to consider more closely the demand for digital health and care services and identify potential partners for twinning and coaching activities. Twinning activities are part of the efforts within the context of the WE4AHA project, which pursues making the European Blueprint on Digital Transformation of Health and Care for the Ageing Society a reality.

The first part of the EHTEL workshop was dedicated to helping participants engage with the needs for digital health and care services. Here empirica, together with representatives of the Blueprint partners; showcased the 12 personas created to help stakeholders better understand citizens’ and patients’ needs where digital services are concerned. The workshop session introduced the personas concept in the context of the work undertaken to advance the Blueprint and each of the 12 profiles were presented, grouped along their well-being status: citizens who are generally well, those who are living with chronic conditions, and those whose situation is complicated due to co-morbidities.