empirica supports the launch of a PCP call for an innovative diabetes management solution

The ProEmpower project has released a tender to procure a continuous disease self-management solution that will make person-centred care a reality.

The ProEmpower procurers are looking for a diabetes management solution that will tackle the unmet needs in the current treatment of diabetes such as the fragmentation in today’s healthcare systems, the overreliance on and the ineffectiveness of pharmacotherapy, the late detection of the disease and the frequency of severe complications. This will be achieved by providing personalised and multi-disciplinary care to diabetes patients and empowering them to become responsible actors in the care process..The procured ProEmpower solution will address the need for the stratification of patients according to risk and promote the adoption of a team-based approach. Care will become person centred, guided by a personalised decision support system which will make it easier to set adequate treatment goals based on weighing in multiple factors. Self-management education will be a key component of the ProEmpower solution which will foster the creation of a peer support network for patients, in order to help them maintain a healthier lifestyle. At the same time, ProEmpower will contribute to creating a learning healthcare system based in a quality oriented culture that continuously improves itself.

empirica has assisted the lead procurer (Ministry of Health Turkey) with the preparation of the tender documents and will continue supporting the assessment and selection of offers. Interested parties can access the tender here.

Bids are to be submitted at ue.pc1721459450p-rew1721459450opmeo1721459450rp@sr1721459450odnev1721459450 until 21 March 2018, 12pm (CET).

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Public procurers in ProEmpower aim to procure a disease self-management solution to help meet the imminent threat of a diabetes epidemic. ProEmpower will make person-centred care reality – giving the patient the steering wheel – for optimal health outcomes.
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