Empirica’s new initiative on “High-Tech Skills for Industry – Fostering New Services and Jobs Creation” (CREATE)

Empirica is happy to announce that we have been contracted to do exciting research and consulting work on skills for new services and jobs in a service contract for the European Commission’s DG GROW. We work together with PricewaterhouseCoopers Luxemburg and ISSIP, the International Society for Service Innovation Professionals.

The service contract, under the acronym CREATE, collects, analyses and compares public policies and educational and private sector efforts in the realm of service science and service innovation skills, and develops a 2030 vision of how to foster and scale the creation of these skills in Europe.

The activities are not only focused on research but also aim to include in the process and reach out to all stakeholders in Europe and beyond, and to mobilise Member States contributing to the success of the EU high-tech skills strategy.

Experts and practitioners who are contributing to the field of service innovation skills, their application and acquisition in European enterprise, especially SMEs and start-ups, and in developing new and smart services are very welcome and invited to bring in fresh ideas, exchange views and knowledge, and contribute to the momentum of skills for smart services. Please get in touch if you feel addressed.
The aim is also to inform policy-makers, business and social leaders about most effective policies, partnerships, programmes and incentives to contribute to the further evolution of European and national initiatives on high-tech skills and to increase the service innovation talent pool.

The research especially focuses on best practice in
business ventures and service models
education and training, re-skilling and up-skilling approaches and programmes in public education systems (higher education and vocational education and training) , as well as in private sector and corporate training systems
policies and strategies, both public sector (government), and private sector (enterprise, associations).

A comprehensive 2030 vision for future action on service skills will be the ultimate goal of this endeavour. Best practices in business, policy and education feed into this scenario, honed and validated through extensive expert consultation and input.

We aim to ensure broadest possible consensus and co-create this vision with experts, practitioners and decision makers. The project will run until June 2021.

If you would like to be involved or receive any further information, please get in touch via moc.a1719341048cirip1719341048me@et1719341048aerc1719341048