Euriphi- European wide Innovation Procurement in Health and Care

EURIPHI will foster acceleration in a change in procurement practices leading to a value-based approach resulting in most economic advantageous tendering. More specifically, the objectives of EURIPHI project are three-fold and are designed to build a foundation for future EU cross-border Value Based public procurement processes:

1) Establish a sustainable Community of Practice using innovative procurement methods, such as MEAT value-based procurement of innovation and integrated solutions in health and care systems and develop legal guidance for efficient cross-border, value- driven procurement with localized decision making.
2) Adapt the existing tools, perform market consultations and deploy cross-border Value Based PPI/PCP testing as learning cases in the field of rapid diagnostics for infectious diseases and, new models of patient-centred integrated care.
3) Developing a EURIPHI Network, a network of representatives of (regional) health authorities, policymakers, and payers who, in collaboration with other key stakeholders, will further prioritize investments and foster the deployment of Value Based PPI/PCP.

Partners of EURIPHI include
— 12 leading Public Procurement Organizations covering more than 500 service providers throughout Europe;
— Experts from academia, legal, business and European/International associations: University Antwerp, International Foundation of Integrated Care (IFIC), CMS UK, CMS Belgium, EMPIRICA, European Regional and Local Health Authorities (EUREGHA), Globrish, Federation Europeenne des Hopitaux des Soins de Sante (HOPE), reference sites collaborative network (RCSN) of EIP-AHA, Boston Consulting Group (BCG), MedTech Europe, University of Valencia, Wavestone.
— An advisory committee of procurers and experts throughout Europe will further enlarge the CSA.

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EURIPHI is an EU initiative that aims to support building out a Europe-wide community of practice of public procurement organizations in the health and care sector which aims to address common unmet needs and shortcomings in the current health systems and care delivery.
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