Europe-wide partnership of empirica with top-level universities and business schools for the development and demonstration of European e-leadership skills guidelines & quality labels for new curricula

Together with top-level universities and business schools from all over Europe empirica develops, demonstrates and disseminates European guidelines and quality labels for new curricula fostering e-leadership skills.

Focused, active moderated cooperation with key stakeholders in the consortium and outside take place to ensure the European guidelines and quality labels are effective and sustainable in the marketplace, that they result in an offer of a broad portfolio of quality-assured new curricula fostering an appropriately full range of e-leadership skills and are suitable for the very wide dissemination which will take place. The new curricula are firmly based on market needs and capitalise fully on current best practice researched by the contractor, including in particular multi-stakeholder partnerships, corporate universities and other industry led initiatives. Several universities and business schools are already members of the consortium, and EuroCIO as well as other “demand side” partners are engaged in front line industry initiatives in this field (e.g. the EuroCIO Executive Education Programme).

The guidelines and quality labels will be compatible with the European quality assurance reference framework for vocational education and training (EQAVET). An extended, multi-region pilot demonstration of the implementation of the proposed European guidelines and quality labels is being organised. The demonstration is flanked by and leading into a multi-facetted pan-European dissemination campaign, including 10 workshops easily accessible to all regions of the EU.

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