European e-Leadership curriculum profiles endorsed by European industry leaders

Peter Hagedoorn, Secretary General of the Association, believes that the curriculum profiles go a long way to creating a simpler way of navigating through the jungle of executive education programmes that address e-Leadership skills. Matching the needs of the demand side industry organisations to the supply of programmes and courses from the academic and technical supply side is essential to tackle the skills shortfall that is predicted for the coming years.

The following e-leadership curriculum profiles are endorsed by the organisation:

  • Innovation and Transformation through ICT
  • Business and Enterprise Architecture
  • Information Security Governance

Paul Costelloe, Director of Executive Education for EuroCIO, said that the curriculum profiles are being incorporated as a key feature in their executive education programme: “We are already using the BEA curriculum profile to map the required e-Leadership skills to our pan-European programme taught by Henley Business School in the UK, TiasNimbas in the Netherlands and Technical University Munich in Germany. This ensures that our programme stays up to date and current and continually evolves. The fact that the profiles make reference to the e-Competence Framework adds enormous value to the overall approach”.