European peer-learning workshop in Prague fostered women’s entrepreneurship

From 14 to 16 May, a highly interactive expert workshop in Prague fostered women’s entrepreneurship (WE) in Europe. It was the first workshop on this theme in the project “Peer-Learning in Entrepreneurship in Education and in Women Entrepreneurshop”. empirica coordinates this project on behalf of the European Commission, Directorate-General GROW. The event convened 60 experts from 33 European countries. They represented ministries and governmental agencies as well as businesses associations, investors, non-governmental organisations, female entrepreneurs, experts on women’s entrepreneurship, and WE ambassadors. Most participants came from Eastern and South-Eastern Europe.

The workshop participants suggested activities to foster WE in four principal fields: funding, education, promotions and networks.

— As regards funding, specific funds for female entrepreneurs and the improvement of financial literacy were promoted.

— In education, lifelong education and financial education stood out.

— In terms of promotion, entrepreneurial role models and mentors need to be fostered. Networks of mentors and their promotion in media are necessary.

Networks for women supporting women need to be strengthened, a powerful umbrella organisation for WE needs to be built. A pan-European organization is needed, best as a one-stop-shop and a single digital gateway.

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The objective of this project is cross-European dissemination and transfer of good practice in developing national and regional strategies and actions to offer young people effective entrepreneurship education (EE), and to support women entrepreneurship (WE).
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