Final peer-learning workshops in Entrepreneurship Education and Women’s Entrepreneurship shaped policy recommendations

On 9 and 10 March 2021, the final workshops in the COSME-funded project “Peer-learning activities in Entrepreneurship Education and in Women’s Entrepreneurship” took place online. 130 participants from 40 countries discussed how to move forward these two important fields. Crucial activities will be ensuring early entrepreneurial education, building European networks of practitioners, collecting data for evidence-based actions, and presenting role-models.

Teacher training was a recurrent theme throughout the entrepreneurship education workshop, highlighted both in the plenary and in the breakout sessions. Workshop participants called for compulsory entrepreneurship education modules to be included in all initial teacher training. They also suggested new ways to scale-up successful national examples of continuous professional development for teachers.

In the women’s entrepreneurship workshop, an overarching theme was the need to collect and analyse data. Such data is required to learn more about female entrepreneurs’ attitudes and behaviours, about why investors tend to favour men, and about success criteria of governmental programmes to support women’s entrepreneurship. Such data would help design better training programmes, investment schemes, and support measures for women’s entrepreneurship.

The project team will now produce the final output: Two Guides with policy recommendations, one for entrepreneurship education and one for women’s entrepreneurship. “These Guides shall open a new chapter of policy making in these two important fields”, says Stefan Lilischkis, the project’s coordinator at empirica. “The recommendations will also address the links between entrepreneurship and the digital and green transition.”

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The objective of this project is cross-European dissemination and transfer of good practice in developing national and regional strategies and actions to offer young people effective entrepreneurship education (EE), and to support women entrepreneurship (WE).
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