First e-CF based ICT bachelor exams (iEXA) introduced in The Netherlands

From left to right: CEO of EXIN Bernd Taselaar, CEO of the Dutch Association of Examination Natasja Kroon and Patrick Bezemer

iEXA covers three basic exams (Business Processes, Information Systems and Infrastructure) and nine specialization exams, which the participating universities have integrated in several of their ICT related curricula. The cooperating universities hope to include other Dutch universities to participate in this initiative as a first step towards national ICT examinations in The Netherlands. According to Patrick the exam is rather demanding: “I am glad I made it, especially because I had to combine study and work”. His employer, Melvin Reep (Syntomax ICT Solutions) adds that from his point of view the most important quality of the iEXA program is the applicability of the learning outcomes in practice: “What I understood from Patrick’s experience, this is certainly the case with the iEXA program”. EXIN’s CEO Bernd Taselaar underlines the importance of extending the concept of the iEXA core exams to the international level: “Certainly in Europe, where the e-CF is becoming a standard, but also outside Europe there is, according to our experience, a lot of interest in this initiative”.