“From innovation to implementation: eHealth in the WHO European Region” 2016 report officially released

The most recent report on eHealth in the WHO European Region, to which empirica contributed, is now officially available.

The report describes the current developments and emerging trends in this sector, based on data collected from the 2015 WHO Global eHealth Survey. Outcomes indicate an increasing appetite for eHealth in the European Region, as well as tangible progress in advancing ICT in public health. The report provides a detailed analysis, complete with case studies and recommendations. The statistical findings of the report are interpreted along the lines of eight key topics: eHealth foundations, Electronic Health Records, telehealth, mHealth, eLearning, social media, health analytics and Big Data, and legal frameworks for eHealth.

The WHO report on eHealth in the European Region (2016) is available for download on the WHO Regional Office for Europe website. An interactive annex of the report containing the underlying data from the Global eHealth survey 2015 can be accessed here.

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The European mHealth Hub is a first-of-a-kind knowledge centre for mHealth implementations in the European region, established by the WHO and ITU and implemented by a consortium of 18 partners led by the Andalusian Health Services.
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