Good Jobs identifies empirica as a “Good Company”

Since October 2018, empirica is a “Good Company”, a qualification awarded by the platform GoodJobs. empirica received this status because its business activities fulfil certain required criteria. Above all, empirica creates knowledge and develops innovative solutions for the betterment of society.
The platform GoodJobs offers vacancies at Good Companies for job-seeking people. In order to qualify as a Good Company, employers have to be sustainability-orientated: They either need to pursue explicit sustainable business goals or to provide implicit added-value to the environment and to society. GoodJobs defines five sustainable categories. A Good Company should operate its business sustainably, impart knowledge, help others, support the environment and shape a fair society. Hence, the qualification of empirica as a Good Company underlines the socially and environmentally sustainable business goals that the company pursues.

The link to empirica and other Good Companies on GoodJobs can be found here.