Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs

The European Commission has launched a series of practical initiatives to help fill the growing number of vacant ICT-related jobs across Europe, and to ensure that more people get the training needed to work in the digital economy.

On behalf of the Commission, DIGITALEUROPE is managing the Secretariat of the Grand Coalition. The Secretariat brings together stakeholders from the demand and supply side committed to bridging the skills gaps. These constituencies include Member States, the Commission, industry, academia and NGOs. Over two years, some 14 organisations active in the IT, education and SME communities will boost the Commission’s programme through a five-pronged strategy for reducing the skills gap in Europe. The Secretariat will focus on action and local implementation. It will amplify successful local and national programmes and initiatives and seek to export these to other parts of Europe. It will build and promote local coalitions to facilitate action towards enhanced digital skills at national, regional or local level. In its first year the Grand Coalition has resulted in the creation of 2,200 new digital jobs, 5,277 extra internships, as well as creating training course positions for 269,000 people.

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