Guide to replicate Smart Energy Efficiency Services

In cooperation with several other European projects, SMARTSPACES developed one ‘Guide for Replication’. The ‘Guide’ presents how Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) can be utilised to improve energy efficiency (EE) in non-residential and residential buildings.

The reader can follow the Guide following the necessary Phases or from the viewpoint of individual Stakeholders. Setting the Scene explains technical basics and the different concepts in more detail. Phases distinct necessary steps for successful development, implementation and operation. Stakeholders chapters selectively include content relevant for the stakeholder in question. Short pages are provided for specific (but selected) Problems.

Checklists and key lessons learnt are highlighted and introduced in context. This includes the References to specific projects and pilot sites for which detail including live portals and videos are provided. Comprehensive checklist, glossaries, tools for download etc. are collected also in the Technical Documentation and in the Annex.

The Guide has been developed over 5 years and is based on numerous projects including over 35 pilot sites. The content is continuously being updated and has been featured by several prominent energy associations including EnergyCities and Eurocities. For key steps of the development visit the Changelog.

The document is written using “reStructuredText” (reST). This approach ensures consistency independent of context and the repeated usage of text for different stakeholders. For instance, technical basics are available for both professionals and normal users but UML is only available for the professional.

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In SMARTSPACES, ICT-based services for public buildings have been evaluated in 11 pilots in 8 countries across Europe. Almost 600 buildings were equipped with the ICT-solution. The services are designed to evaluate the impact on overall energy consumption in public buildings.