HEInnovate publishes five empirica case studies of entrepreneurial universities

The resource base of the HEInnovate portal ( now includes five new case studies about entrepreneurial universities which empirica conducted. These include the following:

– Leadership and governance for an entrepreneurial culture at Aalto University (Finland).
– Entrepreneurial teaching and learning at Algebra University College (Croatia).
– Support for entrepreneurs through the Centre for Entrepreneurship at the University of Cyprus (Cyprus).
– Knowledge exchange and collaboration in entrepreneurial activities at the University of Kassel (Germany).
– International entrepreneurial activities at ESSEC Business School (France).

“It is intriguing to see how these universities design and refine their entrepreneurial approaches”, says empirica’s case study researcher Stefan Lilischkis. “All cases may provide valuable insights for other universities.” HEInnovate is an initiative of the European Commission and the OECD. The portal offers benchmarking opportunities in seven categories related to entrepreneurial activities in higher education institutions. Currently empirica is conducting research for two further cases.