High-tech skills funding programmes in Europe

the identification and analysis work is in full swing and the informal group of around 100 experts was successfully established.

The first interesting funding programmes have been identified in research activities of empirica supported by PwC Netherlands and national experts from the empirica ENIR network (European Network for Innovation Research, to identify best practice across Europe. These cases are being analysed for their achievements in terms of impact, their potential for scalability and whether and how they could reach sustainability. Results of this research will inform policy-makers, stakeholders in the digital and high-tech industries, and education and training providers regarding more effective policies, partnerships, funding programmes and incentives to increase the high-tech talent pool as an important contribution to employment and competitiveness in Europe.

A first expert workshop will take place in Brussels on 30th January 2018. At this event a selection of the promising programmes identified will be presented, lessons learned communicated and success factors derived which experts deem important for re-focussing existing funding and scaling up successful programmes. An informal group of around 100 experts from a broad range of backgrounds and expertise have confirmed their willingness to support the European Commission in this activity.