Insights on e-Leadership: video statements from past events

As one of the highlights, we had the chance to talk to Franz Josef Pschierer Secretary of State from the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs: “With the programme ‘Digital Bavaria’ we pave the road towards the next era of economic success in Bavaria. We welcome therefore the Commission’s initiative on e-Leadership. It will help to improve Europe’s competitiveness”, he said.

Silvia Leal from IE Business School in Madrid, Spain gave us an insight into a Spanish business school point of view. She said, “The growth is finally coming and to make it real we need people who innovate with new technologies and who inspire the rest of the people to do the same. We need e-leaders”.

Martin Canning, Group Vice President, European Consulting from IDC expands the Spanish view into a European one “At IDC we believe that e-leadership skills will be one of the crucial elements of competitive advantage for many European companies over the coming years. E-Leaders will be the ones who re-envision and re-imagine how companies work, the products and services they offer and how technology will underpin their business success”.

These and further interviews summarise different point of views on e-leadership not only from different stakeholder perspectives but also from different regions in Europe.

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