Italian translations of Blueprint Personas

The Blueprint personas are now available in Italian!

Italian organisations wishing to use the Blueprint personas to:

  • improve care pathways,
  • create and explain new care pathways,
  • act as a basis for discussion: identify needs of a community and think about new solutions – personas can be adapted for different projects and discussions, if necessary,
  • develop new use cases or user scenarios,
  • help to analyse processes, data, roles, and financial flows.

The availability of the profiles in their own language will allow Italian speakers to use these brilliant tools more comfortably. The personas, which have long been seen as a tool for enabling digital health innovation, were translated into Italian by a dedicated team within the autonomous province of Trento as part of the ProMIS network. Our thanks go out to Diego Conforti, Riccardo Farina and Federica Rottaris for making Italian the first language the personas have been translated into.

The Blueprint personas are a tool for promoting person-centred care. They identify patient profiles with different personal, socio-economic, health and environment (especially the home setting), and needs. They also consider the potential benefits that can be derived from digital resources for the patient and associated stakeholders such as carers (informal or formal), healthcare professionals, healthcare providers, researchers etc. The Blueprint personas were developed as part of the Blueprint on Digital Transformation of Health and Care for the Ageing Society by a team of experts with varied backgrounds coordinated by empirica.