Key Enabling Technologies Skills Initiative: Vision and Sectoral Pilot on Skills for Key Enabling Technologies

The work is coordinated by Directorate General for Enterprise and Industry of the European Commission. The activities within the initiative are carried out by PwC EU Services, and particularly the members of PwC Innovation Research Centre.

KETs Skills Initiative aims to develop a shared international multi-sector vision on how to meet the key skills requirements in KETs. The initiative will generate a meta-vision that will subsequently be translated into concrete actions to tackle the challenges in a coherent, consistent and efficient manner. The initiative will also produce specific recommendations and a European action plan, including a roadmap for 2014-2020. Finally, a sectoral pilot will be organised as a trial run for recommendations.

The main intention of the initiative is to create a platform for action that is well-understood and supported by all key stakeholder groups including policy makers, companies of all sizes, as well as educators. It aims to contribute by creating synergies between the existing policies and instruments and by developing new effective ways to improve the skills landscape in Europe.

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