Legal and interoperability challenges in using health data: DigitalHealthEurope – First Roundtable Sessions

Within the framework of DigitalHealthEurope, two roundtable meetings have been held, focusing respectively on the legal and interoperability challenges of health data use. In each workshop, experts were invited to share their expertise to discuss the issue.

The first virtual roundtable took place on 03.12.2020. The objective of the meeting was to define the challenges of the current EU legislation regarding the use and access to health data.

The aim of the meeting was to:

  • Access and further develop the 3×3 concept – 3 types of data users, 3 classes of data use, 3 data governance tool categories;
  • Map the extent to which the differing perspectives are catered for in existing EU level policy and legislation;
  • Identify the remaining gaps and where new EU level policy could be useful.

During the second session, which is planned in the early 2021, the list of regulatory needs to be met and potential routes of meeting those needs will be tested, refined, and further developed.

The first virtual roundtable focusing on interoperability challenges in health data use was held on 08.12.2020, tackling the poor extent of health data standard adoption.

Casting a spotlight on the demand side of interoperability was the main goal of the meeting, broken down in the sub-topics of:

  • Defining the actors of the demand side in interoperability;
  • Studying the eHealth interoperability market;
  • Exploring how to activate the demand side;
  • Sketching the concept of a health data avatar.

The second session, which is planned for March 2021, will finalise the health data avatar concept and look at elements for a data emancipation agenda.

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