NEW PROJECT: PCP for 100% renewable solutions in existing buildings

The EU set the target of decarbonising the building sector by 2050. How are buildings to reach such a standard at minimal cost? Revisiting them with several rounds of renovations is not the most efficient path. The project aims at lifting existing buildings to 100% renewable energy supply with one intervention. No such solution currently exists on the market.

To face the common challenge, procuRE brings together 6 procurers from 6 countries, responsible for over 21,000 public buildings, to invest over €7 million in R&D.

Consortia bidding are expected to deliver a comprehensive package of tools enabling delivery across Europe and beyond of customised full-renewable building renovation. The systemic packages comprise services from design to implementation, and day-to-day operation, and contracting/financing, ensuring that the building continues to perform as designed over the full life cycle.

procuRE packages must ensure the following: enable optimal selection of cutting-edge components and configurations for RES generation, storage and management, fully addressing the challenges of on-site RES and eliminating off-site supply; increase SRI by integration across technologies and BEMS providing good occupant control; must deploy advanced BIM to model outcomes in advance in an assessment framework which at speed and low cost delivers procurers and investors with transparent choices of their options to maximise value delivery across the complete life-cycle; must provide simple configuration to match regulatory differences; and must include innovative, embedded and cost-efficient training services to impart necessary skills to both operators and to occupants, whose behaviour is a growing factor to be taken fully into account.

In the first months of the project, work will focus on elaborating the specifications for the envisaged solutions and on engaging relevant industry organisations as potential suppliers in the project.

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procuRE has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 963648.

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procuRE is a pre-commercial procurement of breakthrough solutions that tackles the challenge of bringing 100% renewable energy supply in buildings. The project brings together 6 procurers from 6 countries to invest over €7 million in R&D.