PALANTE Project Final conference: Empowering Patients through eHealth

On the 23rd of June 2015 at the Committee of the Regions facilities in Brussels, the PALANTE project organised a comprehensive conference on patient empowerment. It was well attended by roughly a hundred participants. During this meeting, partners also presented core empirical evidence from this three year project. For empirica, Prof. Dr. Karl A. Stroetmann gave a talk entitled “United in diversity: Evidence on patient activation across Europe”. His presentation is available here. It analyses the concept of the ePatient and what can be learned from the nine pilots supported by PALANTE to better activate and thereby empower patients in quite different contexts und with different diseases.

Patient empowerment and activation is a core policy goal of the European Union. The project explored the patient empowerment domain and helped to better understand how to empower patients. A core aspect was how to improve empowerment and support – with this aim in mind – the deployment of telemedicine services, in particular through secure online access by citizens to certain elements of their medical/health data and records.

The full audio recording of the PALANTE Final Conference is now available on the PALANTE website. There are six downloadable audio files:
– 1st Session: Word of welcome & plenary opening speech
– 2nd Session: Overall evidence from PALANTE
– 3rd Session: Presentations of results from selected PALANTE pilots
– 4th Session: Contributions from other initiatives
– 5th Session: Expert panel
– 6th Session: Closing of the conference

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The main goal of the PALANTE project is to empower patients allowing them to make informed decisions about their health and take an active role in their care and collaborate effectively with their healthcare team thanks to the use of information and communication technologies.
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