Policy and blueprint developed by empirica for ictQATAR to Showcase Benefits of Work-from-Home Model to Businesses and Employees in the Arabic countries

The work-from-home model is still a relatively new concept in Qatar, however as the ICT infrastructure in the country rapidly improves, it is an option the Supreme Council for Information and Communication Technology, ictQATAR, encourages local businesses to consider. empirica has for the first time systematically explored work-from-home in the Arab world and developed a blueprint for Qatari companies that can be used as a ‘how to guide’ for implementing this new form of work organisation. ictQATAR and empirica shared the findings and recommendations from the report with numerous organisations in Qatar at a briefing in Doha in November 2010. The organisations at the briefing participated in the research for the report and are now being encouraged to launch their own pilot programmes for the Virtual Office Environment.