Precise4Q ‘Digital Stroke Patient Platform’ featured by Innovation Radar as ‘Excellent Innovation’

The EU Innovation Radar Platform has labelled the Precise4Q ‘Digital Stroke Patient Platform’ as an ‘Excellent Innovation’. The cost-effective Digital Stroke Patient Platform (i.e. the Integrated Platform for the Entire Patient Lifecycle, covering the stages of prevention, acute treatment, rehabilitation and reintegration), aims to validate the predictive models using data from prospective studies and to integrate the final models in a comprehensive platform. The platform will develop personalised and stage-specific interventions to increase resilience to stroke and increase well-being and reintegration after stroke. The final output will be a set of clinically feasible interventions for each stage of stroke treatment.

Additionally, the EU Innovation Radar has identified the project partners QMENTA, empirica Communication and Technology Research and Charite Universität Berlin as ‘Key Innovator’ in the development of ‘Digital Stroke Patient Platform’.

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PRECISE4Q project sets out to create multi-dimensional data-driven predictive simulation models for stroke. These will address patients’ needs at different stages: prevention, acute treatment, rehabilitation, and reintegration. The overarching goal is to enable personalised stroke treatment and contribute to minimising the burden of stroke on the individual and society.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 777107.

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Precise4Q sets out to minimize the burden of stroke for individuals and society via personalized medicine by predictive modelling in stroke for a better quality of life.
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