R4SC Ontology and dataset catalogues for Smart Cities

The READY4SmartCities consortium has produced online catalogues containing valuable ontologies and datasets enabling Smart City Linked Data exchange.

The ontology catalogue (available at for Smart Cities and related domains provides curated metadata about existing ontologies and incorporates ontology evaluation features. This catalogue is the first approach within this community and it would be highly useful for new ontology developments or for describing and annotating existing ontologies.

The analogous catalogue containing metadata about datasets for Smart Cities, energy and other related fields can be accessed through a web application available at

In addition, the catalogues are published both in human-readable and machine-processable formats. More precisely, the catalogues are published as an HTML web site for humans and in the RDF format for machines. Within the RDF representation links to other data sources have been established, linking entities in the catalogue to entities in other datasets, contributing therefore to the Linked Data initiative (

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The READY4SmartCities project intends to increase awareness and interoperability for the adoption of ICT and semantic technologies in energy system to obtain a reduction of energy consumption and CO2 emission at smart cities communities level through innovative relying on RTD.