Report on Fixed Broadband Prices 2016 published

This study provides comprehensive data on the 2016 retail prices of fixed broadband offers for consumers in the EU28, Iceland, Norway, Japan, South Korea, Canada and the USA.

Data was collected from ISP websites between 10th and 24th October 2016. The research was based on offers for Single Play (standalone internet), for Double Play with fixed telephony, Double Play with television services, and for Triple Play. Offers for each of the four bundles were assigned to several download speed baskets ranging from 0.144 Mbps to more than 100 Mbps. Europe-wide overview, country comparisons and year-on-year trends are provided in this report. Additionally, fixed broadband price developments in study countries are discussed in individual country chapters. The five largest Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in each country were included.

The report as well as the complete database can be downloaded from the European Commission at