Second Cluster Event in the UK Henley Business School show the way on e-Leadership education

Messages on the importance of integrating understanding of advanced IT and business innovation methods were very well-received. Empirica reported recent comprehensive research on the European landscape of programmes combining these key skill sets. Over 1,000 post grad, Master’s grade programmes were found across Europe delivering this mix of learning outcomes: advanced business and IT for leadership roles. However, less than 50 programmes across Europe qualify as true candidates in “e-Leadership” (four of these are in the UK). Consultancies and large corporations also invest in developing exclusive programmes with top business schools to deliver e-leadership skills in their own executives. The presentation of PA Consulting generated a strong impetus to examine how their programme development work could be re-used and integrated in the e-leadership initiative. There was general consensus that the demand has started to grow again after the downturn. Panel contributors expect a disruptive, global transformation of the academic contribution as new media are integrated into e-leadership learning packages.
Picture: Panel discussion with chairman Prof Sharm Manwani, Henley Business School (left) and panellists Prof Liz Bacon, President, BCS, Conrad Thompson, Global Business Design Leader, PA Consulting, Dr Christoph Burtscher, Director of Strategy, Late Rooms Group, Paul Costelloe, Director Executive Education, EuroCIO (from left to right)The full summary report can be downloaded here: