SMARTSPACES Project Final Report Published

As the recently published final report on the SMARTSPACES project shows, financial pay-off is achieved by most stakeholders during the first 3 years and by almost all stakeholders after ten year across seven eleven sites in seven countries. The socio-economic net benefit for the SMARTSPACES project: applying the worst case scenario, extrapolated for ten years: amounts to 4.2Million in pilot buildings alone.

The SMARTSPACES solution can be applied in all circumstances. In cases where smart-metering is already available (to comply with national regulation) ICT-services should be deployed immediately. Major costs are already paid for and the payback is in all these pilots instant. This conclusion scales with the size of the pilot as some of the software fees might only be paid once and not per device.

To get a detail insight into the project and its final results, download the final project report here.

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In SMARTSPACES, ICT-based services for public buildings have been evaluated in 11 pilots in 8 countries across Europe. Almost 600 buildings were equipped with the ICT-solution. The services are designed to evaluate the impact on overall energy consumption in public buildings.