Study on business model innovations concluded – results online

Co-ordinated by empirica, the University of Applied Sciences North-Western Switzerland (FHNW) concluded a study about “the need for innovations in business models”. A related policy brief is available for free download from the website of the related framework contract. A summary of a workshop about business model innovation (BMI) and the presentations of this workshop are also available there. empirica and FHNW conducted this study on behalf of the European Commission’s General Directorate Research and Innovation.

The study showed that BMI are complex phenomena. The understanding of BMI and the determining factors, the international experience with measuring BMI, and the insights into the needs and possibilities of BMI in different industries and contexts still need to grow considerably.

Five key areas of research and innovation policy measures could be fruitful starting points of discussion:

1. Education and training;

2. Information and advice for SMEs;

3. Cooperation and networks;

4.Venture capital; and

5. Raising awareness about BMI.