Successful Telework Implementation and Evaluation at Frankfurt Sparkasse – results from an evaluation by empirica

An independent evaluation of the implementation and operation of the telework pilot project at Frankfurter Sparkasse which was carried out by empirica revealed a huge success. This was confirmed by both, teleworkers and employees as well as their superiors and managers.

The evaluation was based on different surveys and interviews with the teleworkers themselves and their superiors at three different stages:

1) prior to project start (zero measurement in early 2011),

2) after six months (early evaluation in early summer 2011) and

3) after twelve months (late evaluation in December 2011).

The project was part of a larger initiative entitled ‘beruf und familie’ (job and family). The Frankfurter Sparkasse is now preparing for a further and more widespread roll-out of telework as an innovative form of work organisation next to the already existing wide range of work flexibilisation offers supporting the employees in better balancing work-life issues.