Survey results about co-operation of knowledge transfer offices published

empirica published the results of a survey about co-operation of European knowledge transfer offices (KTOs). They are available in a related report that can be downloaded for free from the website of the study “Support to the development and implementation of Innovation Union commitment 21 on knowledge transfer” (IU21KT Study, Findings presented in the report are based on 101 answers to an online survey of European KTOs that took place in June and July 2013, on interviews with 18 experts in the field of KT which took place from May to November 2013, and on literature research. The sample may represent a positive selection of professionals from KTOs interested in the issue of KTO co-operation.

Most experts interviewed for this study stated that KTO co-operation is important or even very important for enhancing the quantity and quality of KT in Europe. The vast majority of KTOs responding to the online survey (92%) were found to co-operate informally with other KTOs. A large share (58%) also co-operates formally with other KTOs, i.e. based on some kind of contract. Co-operation was found to be particularly strong in countries with strong KT professional associations.

The online survey as well as the expert interviews brought several recommendations for European policy makers in the field of KT. Most frequently, targeting funds towards KTO co-operation was called for, including for example financial support for KT professional exchange and KT fellowships. KTO co-operation may also be enhanced through pinpointing European research projects more towards KT and KTOs. There was also the idea of launching an annual European KT Convention, a kind of trade market for KTOs and KT which would be a tangible example of a market for intellectual property.