Transatlantic event on energy transition

On November 5th, empirica hosted a transatlantic event “SINTEG-Roadshow Canada”. More than 70 scientists, researchers, ministry officials, and entrepreneurs have participated in the dialogue on the future of the energy transition between Ontario, Canada, and SINTEG-Project*, Germany.

In the first part of the event, participants exchanged the key overview of the energy sectors in Germany and Canada with a focus on flexibility, sector coupling, and grid congestion management. The German side presented an overview of the SINTEG Project, its meaning to the German and European energy transition process also touching on Green Deal and Germany Trade and Invest’s Energy services. More detailed information on SINTEG solutions was provided by showcases´ managers: Markus Graebig (WindNODE), Torsten Knop (DESIGNETZ), Ole Langniß (C/sells), and Sirka Porada (enera). The Canadian side also provided a thorough insight into Ontario´s top-level energy companies such as Opus One, eCAMION, Bluwave-ai, Peak Power, Next Hydrogen, and IS5 Communications and their breakthrough technologies in the energy sector.

The second part of the event focused on communication and networking and consisted of three smaller breakout room. Participants circulated through the rooms and German and Canadian speakers joined in a vivid exchange of energy sector entrepreneurship and cutting-edge technologies. Each Breakout room addressed three topics:

  1. How to unlock and utilise flexibilities on the demand and supply side to reduce congestion, optimise balancing and offer ancillary services?
  2. How to model the future RES-supply and state of the grid using big data and intelligent models?
  3. How to integrate data streams and grid systems – no matter how old – in a few control centres?

These lively dialogues allowed the speakers to discuss the working processes, challenges and difficulties on the state and regional levels as well as its possible solutions. Due to Covid-19, the conference was hosted entierly in MS Teams.

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Empirica, as part of the consortium for the project, was chosen by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy to carry out accompanying research and evaluate the large SINTEG programme, which sets out to showcase large-scale solutions to renewables integration.