Trillium-II: empirica supports the advancement of an International Patient Summary standard

Trillium-II builds on the work of Trillium Bridge to facilitate the secure and seamless sharing of International Patient Summaries (IPS) and enabling international interoperability of eHealth systems in the US, in Europe and globally. The project started in January 2017 and aims to accelerate the establishment of interoperability standards in eHealth with validated open source interoperability assets. Existing patient summary initiatives will be evaluated and will serve as guidance for emerging ones, with a view to establishing a global community of digital health innovation with robust widely-used interoperability standards and joint pilots.

empirica’s role in the project is to assess key enablers and success factors for IPS adoption, focusing on economic, political and societal impacts. An improved EU-US regulatory cooperation will impact the mutual recognition of standards and the implications of IPS standards adoption. The EU-US cooperation will be considered as part of a process furthering the global convergence of eHealth and ICT standards, easing the transfer of innovation to third countries. empirica will help establish the value case for the international patient summary, identifying indicators and results based on existing evidence from IPS pilot projects and demonstrations.

Coordinated by MedCom (Administrative Coordinator) and HL7 International Foundation (Scientific Coordinator).