Study on Policy Implications of Demographic Changes in National and Community Policies; Lot 7: Impact of New Technologies and Information Society






DG EMPL, European Commission (EC)

Population ageing will have significant socio-economic implications that will challenge the European model of social welfare and protection. The concerns are justified, but at the same time demographic change could be seen as a positive opportunity for the European economy. The opportunity lies in innovative technological responses to the challenges of an ageing population. Against this background, the study will identify the opportunities created by the rapid progress in ICTs with respect to meeting the challenges of the ageing EU population. In particular it will explore whether industry provides products and services which meet the specific requirements of elderly users. Further its will identify policy measures and programmes that have proven to be successful in exploiting the opportunities and avoiding the risks posed by Information Society developments. This will enable the study team to outline key elements of required policy responses (in the form of new policy approaches and adaptations of existing policies) which are needed in order to minimise the risks and maximise the benefits of technological development for older people. In methodological regard work will rely upon literature analyses, secondary analyses of representative survey data and expert interviews.