Study on the mapping and evaluating of existing platforms (websites) within the cultural sector aimed at stimulating debate and cross border exchange of matters concerning European culture






DG EAC, European Commission (EC)

The objective of this project are to map and analyse existing websites in Europe which are used as a means for exchange of information and debate on culture, artistic expression and as a space for an exchange of opinions on the European project, with a view to proposing recommendations on how to enhance the use of the internet as a means of information exchange and debate at the European level on cross-sector issues in the field of culture and artistic expression. This is based on what has been set out in the agenda for culture with which the Commission aims at pursuing a structured dialogue with the cultural sector. This should provide a framework for the regular exchange of views and best practices, input into the policy-making process, follow-up and evaluation.

The cultural sector is progressively structuring itself and new platforms are emerging. With this mapping study the Commission wants to get an overview of the existing websites in Europe aimed at the exchange of information and debate on the European project between artists of all art disciplines, cultural workers, practitioners, cultural organisation managers, producers, promoters, researchers, journalists, operators in the cultural area, mentors, teachers, art students, distributors, theatres, museums, cultural heritage organisations, etc and the broader public.

The study is carried out for the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (European Commission DG Education and Culture) coordinated by empirica with the partners P.A.U. Educationand and IBK Remscheid. Support will be provided through National Correspondents from the ENIR network ( ) and