Digital Organisational Frameworks and IT Professionalism






DG GROW, European Commission (EC), Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME)

The DIGIFRAME service contract aims to promote IT organisational and management frameworks (i.e., established norms and repositories of practice, specifications, procedures, guidelines in a certain domain) together with IT professionalism in support of the digital transformation of enterprises in Europe. Digital transformation is the increasing adoption of information technologies (IT) to fundamentally alter its internal and external processes and functions, foster organisational change and adopt new IT-enabled business practices.

The digital transformation of enterprises is enabled by IT competences and professionalism at individual level and digital organisational capabilities at enterprise level. They are mutually reinforcing. This initiative aims to better understand how to increase the competences of individuals in tandem with the collective organisational capabilities of enterprises, with a particular focus on SMEs, to achieve digital capability excellence.

The work aims to perform an in-depth analysis to provide a clear vision of the state-of-the-art in the EU based on the latest information, data, trends and development, regarding IT organisational and management frameworks, the importance and the value of related certifications, and best practice. To do so, a broad ecosystem of stakeholders is engaged to elaborate and validate a proposal for an integrated digital organisational reference framework building on their recommendations, including general guidelines for its use to help enterprises and SMEs assess their digital capabilities.