An assessment of effective e-skills and ICT training programs supporting access to the labour market for diverse populations






JPMorgan Chase Foundation

The project diversITy, which is part of the JPMorgan Chase Foundation’s New Skills at Work global initiative, is conducting an evaluation and assessment of e-Skills and ICT training programs that seek to empower diverse populations to enter the labour market. diversITy identifies and analyses the large variety of ICT training programs that aim to prepare and place jobseekers into meaningful tech jobs, with a focus on diverse target groups, including women, vulnerable youth with low educational achievement or from difficult socio-economic backgrounds, migrants and unemployed adults changing careers. The geographic focus is on Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Poland and South Africa. Project results shall inform policy development on the European and national level, and provide practical recommendations to non-profit organisations and training providers. Outcomes will include a report providing an overview of relevant EU and national policy frameworks, an analysis and forecast of supply/demand for ICT skills in selected countries, a number of best practice programs described using a standardised taxonomy and analysed according to their effectiveness, plus recommendations providing practical insights for policy makers and implementing organisations. Around 500 inclusive ICT training programs are being reviewed, a repository of around 80 initiatives established, and approx. 20 best practices selected and documented. The project’s results are being disseminated proactively via a dedicated web portal and suitable social media channels. A European conference targeting 50-100 participants and three one-day workshops at country-level with roundtables bringing together experts and stakeholders will be organised in 2018