eSkills Policies

Benchmarking policies on multi-stakeholder partnerships for e-skills in Europe






DG ENTR, European Commission (EC)

The study launched by the European Commission DG Enterprise and Industry in late 2006 has identified multi-stakeholder partnerships for e-skills development and related policies using a network of National Correspondents from all EU27 Member States as well as Croatia, Iceland, Norway and Turkey. The main objectives of the study are “to benchmark existing policies and initiatives in Europe on multi-stakeholder partnerships in the field of e-skills and to research and recommend appropriate legal, financial and institutional frameworks for the development of scalable and sustainable multi-stakeholder partnerships. Existing regulations and arrangements have been reviewed with a view to identify barriers inhibiting multi-stakeholder partnerships in the field of e-skills as well as successful solutions already implemented, and to promote the dissemination and the adoption of good practices. The policies and partnerships identified have been analysed and evaluated. This resulted in ten good practice case studies, a benchmarking framework, and recommendations for policy action. Findings are actively disseminated by means of a dedicated website, a major stakeholder workshop as well as a brochure to be distributed widely across Europe.

The project covers more than 30 European countries with national correspondents from the ENIR network