Linking Legal Open Data in Europe






European Commission (EC)



EUCases was a collaborative Research Project supported by Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) funding. The project developed a unique pan-European law and case law Linking Platform transforming multilingual legal open data into linked open data after semantic and structural analysis. The web based EUCases Linking Platform provides services linking EU law and case law with legislative acts and court decisions of six EU member states: Austria, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Italy and United Kingdom.

The EULinksChecker is a means for the visualisation of the work of the linking platform. It assists legal professionals during the process of drafting or viewing legal documents related to EU law by offering them convenient features for performing legal research based on legal citations or other semantic connections of the drafted/viewed documents with EU legislation and case law. The EULinksChecker has been short-listed for the European Commission’s Innovation Radar Prize 2016.

The project has provided the ground for the successful launch of a commercial product, EuroCases by Apis Hristovich Ltd., a novel multilingual web-based legal information service providing access to case law of the leading jurisdictions in Europe related to the application of European Union law.