Compliance and effectiveness in heart failure (HF) and coronary heart disease (CHD) closed-loop management






European Commission (EC)



EU FP7 Large-scale integrating project: An advanced telemonitoring approach will be developed to close the loop between patients and professionals, giving appropriate access to monitoring, diagnosis and treatment results and reacting immediately, adapting personalized care plans and using automated decision support to derive therapy recommendations.

Each year Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) causes over 1.9 million deaths in the EU, causing direct health costs of €105 billion. Coronary Heart Disease (CHD), half of all CVD deaths, is the single most cause of death in Europe. Heart Failure (HF) ““ a CHD being the most frequent cause of hospitalization for people over 65 ““ has 10 million patients in the EU. Current treatment of HF entails recommendations from clinicians on medication, diet and lifestyle. Patients only receive feedback at doctors visits, or when facing symptoms. Daily monitoring, close follow up, and help on treatment routine is lacking. Non-adherence to the treatment regime is a major cause of suboptimal clinical benefit.
HeartCycle will provide a closed-loop disease management solution to serve both HF and CHD patients, including hypertension, diabetes and arrhythmias as possible comorbidities. This will be achieved by multi-parametric monitoring of vital signs, analysing the data and providing automated decision support, to derive therapy recommendations.