HEInnovate case studies

This assignment is part of the HEInnovate initiative by the OECD and the European Commission. Four consecutive subcontracts between empirica and Technopolis






empirica has undertaken multiple subcontracts, spanning from 2017 to 2022, conducting a total of 24 case studies. The fourth subcontract, covering 2023 to 2024, will contribute an additional ten cases. These studies focus on various European higher education institutions, each providing valuable insights into entrepreneurial practices. The cases are categorized based on dimensions such as Leadership and Governance, Organisational Capacity, Entrepreneurial Teaching and Learning, and others outlined by the HEInnovate portal.

empirica collaborates with Technopolis to carry out these studies, which contribute to the HEInnovate resource base. The objective is to share exemplary entrepreneurial practices, fostering learning and adaptation among higher education institutions. The case studies, approximately five to six pages each, involve literature research and interviews with representatives from the institutions. Notable examples include initiatives in Finland, Sweden, Austria, Slovenia, Latvia, Slovakia, and Serbia. These case studies aim to inspire and inform other institutions globally through the HEInnovate portal, fostering a culture of entrepreneurship in higher education.