Pilot on eHealth Indicators






DG INFSO, European Commission (EC)

In this study for the European Commission DG INFSO and Media a survey of almost 6,000 primary care physicians on their use of ICT and internet for communication with patients and between primary and secondary care and other health agencies will be carried out in all 27 Member States of the European Union and in Norway and Iceland. The fieldwork will start in the third quarter of 2007. The purpose of the present study is to: measure the use of ICT by primary care physicians in the EU and EEA countries, which is to be achieved by means of a survey of primary care physicians and their use of ICT and Internet for communicating with patients and between primary and secondary care and other eHealth agencies. Through this survey up-to-date information and data on eHealth developments will be obtained and an appropriate benchmarking framework and procedure for eHealth defined, thereby – and through the 29 Country Briefs for each of the 27 Member States, Norway and Iceland – enabling member states to monitor their performance to improve public services. The study is a continuation of the earlier benchmarking exercise for eEurope 2002 and was carried out as a Eurobarometer survey.