Interoperable e-Systems for Africa Enhanced by Satellites






European Space Agency (esa)

The ISAES-project will conduct a feasibility study focused mainly on interoperability aspects derived from to desgin, implement and operate a pan-African eHealth platform. This study is part of the first phase of the Satellite-enhanced eHealth for sub-Saharan Africa Programme (eHSA), which examines the critical success factors for the development of sustainable, satellite-enhanced eHealth and telemedicine services across SSA. Besides the studies on governance, regulatory issues and sustainability aspects, the interoperability of systems collaborating for the provision of eHEalth and telemedicine services has been identified as a major and ubiquitous challenge. In the context of this study the problem of interoperability is not only limited to technical standardizations but also takes issues of integrating cultural, financial, political and workflow systems into account. Finally the goals of this study are: (1) The identification of all domains linked to design, implementation and operation of the eHealth platform and its associated services, (2) the analyse of the current SSA situation, regarding ressources and degree of readiness and (3) the provision of a roadmap for future implementation.