Market Research Patient Information

Opportunities for accessing patient information in Germany, the Netherlands, France and Spain







The project conducted market research for a global player. It identified 12 current or potential providers of health education and health management material in 4 countries. The material covered the most important chronic diseases. The formats shought were

  • Videos and multimedia content,
  • Information sheets in electronic format,
  • Care plan content

The quality of the material was assessed taking into account

  • Evidence of endorsement by national medical and nursing bodies
  • Clarity of health education message delivered, i.e. easy to read/view and easy to understand by patients with an “average” education”
  • Demonstration that health education and health management content is based on the latest best practice
  • User satisfaction indicators

The providers were analysed compared to their strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats and brought in contact with the customer based on an NDA agreement.