Globalisation and New Collaborative Working Environments






European Commission (EC)

NewGlobal explores the drivers, success factors and impacts of ICT rich collaborative working environments that stretch across the borders of countries. Impact categories analysed include employee self-organisation, nurturing of human capital, productivity effects, and levels of innovative activity. The study takes a comprehensive approach using best practice case study research as well as primary data collection by means of a representative survey of businesses in Europe. Special attention is taken to account for the situation of Europe’s large number of small and medium sized companies who until now have not been sufficiently integrated into the global economy. The study strives to provide well-targeted support to EU policy-making. This also includes publication and wide dissemination of key study findings in an attractive way to promote awareness among European stakeholders of the opportunities created by cross-border virtual collaboration. The project is coordinated by =mcm Institute, St. Gallen University, Switzerland (MCM) with empirica GmbH, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands, Helsinki University of Technology, Finland and Telematica Instituut, Enschede, The Netherlands as partners.