NMS Physiome

Tools to develop the NeuroMusculoSkeletal Physiome






DG INFSO, European Commission (EC)

NMS Physiome is a Virtual Physiological Human (VPH) cooperation of the worldwide largest research projects focusing on simulating the musculoskeletal apparatus, the Osteoporotic Virtual Physiological Human (VPHOP) integrated project, with the Center for Physics-based Simulation of Biological Structures (SIMBIOS) at Stanford University, USA.
The Stanford Center for Physics-based Simulation of Biological Structures (SIMBIOS) provides infrastructure, software, and training to help biomedical researchers understand biological form and function as they create novel drugs, synthetic tissues, medical devices, and surgical interventions. The cluster of projects connected to the SIMBIOS Center is investigating a wide scale of biological structures ““ from molecules to organisms. In particular, the team of one of the two Principal Investigators of SIMBIOS, Scott Delp, based at Stanford University, focuses on the accurate modelling of the neuro-musculoskeletal system. Activities are funded by the USA National Institute of Health.
Empirica is a partner in this project, together with the BioComputing Competence Centre (B3C) of SCS srl in Bologna, Italy, and the Centre for Computer Graphics & Visualisation (CCGV) at the University of Bedfordshire.