R&I efficiency

Policies supporting efficiency and effectiveness of research and innovation systems






The strategic objective of the services to be provided in this study are to support policy-makers in designing policies for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of R&I systems at regional, national and EU-level. In order to fulfil this objective, the study’s task is to help policy makers in three ways:

  • Identify the funding strategies and reform agendas which have proven successful for raising the efficiency and effectiveness of national R&D systems in different national contexts.
  • Identify EU policies and instruments that have clearly contributed to increasing the efficiency of the overall European R&I system and how the synergies between EU and national policies and instruments could be further improved.
  • Provide policy recommendations on funding strategies and reforms having the potential to enhance efficiency and effectiveness of R&I systems.

Empirica co-ordinates this study, carried out jointly with Dialogic (Netherlands) and the University of Applied Sciences of North-Western Switzerland.