RIA eHealth Switzerland

Regulierungs folgenabschätzung zum Schweizer Bundesgesetz über das elektronische Patientendossier






Bundesamt für Gesundheit, Bern, Schweiz

The electronic patient record is a core pillar of the eHealth Strategy Switzerland. By digitally supporting treatment processes the record aims to improve quality and efficiency of healthcare. Costs and benefits as well as potential incentives and risks associated with the introduction of the record have now been subjected to a regulatory impact analysis conducted by empirica in consortium with ecoplan ecoplan and commissioned by the Suisse Federal Office of Public Health

The results showed, that the aspired regulation and kick-off funding for the electronic patient record are likely to lead to its accelerated introduction and diffusion. Society as a whole as well as affected stakeholder groups – including general practitioners, hospitals and patients – will gain in the long term. In the short and medium term, however, a prolonged phase of investment needs to be overcome. The results were published by the Federal Office of Public Health