Skills and Competences

Human Capital "Skills and Competences"






European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), KIC InnoEnergy

>With the present project empirica is supporting the EIT to build the foundations and pave the way to become a key player in innovation and entrepreneurship education and training in Europe not only focussing on higher education and research but reaching beyond that and towards a life-long learning perspective and make the EIT a major Human Capital developer in Europe in general. The tasks include the organisation of a series of expert interviews, consultations and workshops involving experts and key stakeholders from all over Europe to obtain their input, agreement and commitment of support. The activity is supposed to result in a position paper positioning the EIT KICs as a European (and beyond) key player in the field of Human Capital along the three dimensions of the Knowledge Triangle (Education, Research, Business) ready for presentation to the European Commission to support the Commission in the preparation and negotiations for the 9th Framework Programme following the Horizon 2020 programme and starting in 2021.