DG INFSO, European Commission (EC)

Smart Personal Health is a European Commission support action to promote awareness about issues and challenges of interoperability among personal health systems (PHS) and to other eHealth systems. The project will substantially assist the drafting of health policy by proposing recommendations for interoperability promotion to the European Commission, regional and national governments, stakeholder groups and industry.
Key activities of SmartPersonalHealth will include three thematically focused stakeholder workshops Barcelona, Belfast, and Berlin and conclude with a pan-European interoperability conference during the Continua Winter Summit 2010. Further networking and dialogue with healthcare providers, patients, industry, insurers, standards development organisations will be carried out.
The workshops and networking will result in a report addressed to the European Commission highlighting the current status, concerns, barriers and incentives to accelerate the development and adoption of interoperable PHS systems. A final report on key interoperability challenges for personal health systems and recommendations for respective policy actions will merge results from the many stakeholder dialogues, integrated with research outcomes from empirica’s experts.
Partners are Continua, the global industry consortium to promote the interoperability of PHS devices and systems, ETSI, the European Telecommunications Standards Institute, responsible for standardization of ICT within Europe, IHE, worldwide reference organisation for the interoperability of healthcare information systems and devices.