Secure Online Services for Europe’s Social Housing Tenant’s






European Commission (EC)


eTEN Programme

The social housing sector has the potential to gain enormously from trans-European telecommunications networks and applications, and in doing so radically to improve the quality of provision of housing to disadvantaged groups in the interest of the public at large. Housing provider staff operates over wide areas on a daily basis, providing a strong demand for online service provision and support to processes. Trusted eWork Services based on handheld computers will enable far-reaching integration of the work of mobile housing staff into business processes, and the replacement of contractual documents currently executed on paper by providing the means to sign documents on site with secure mobile network access.
The Trusted eGovernment Services are to both enable tenants to use public services online from TV-internet terminals and include a business-to-administration change of tenant service to replace time-consuming paper processes with secure online flows of information between housing provider and local authority processes. Personal data of tenants relating to care provision but also data on their consumption of electricity and other resources will be made available to tenants and authorised personnel online in a secure fashion in Trusted eAccess Services. Coupled with remote metering, the latter service will enable effective cooperation between tenants and social housing provider in optimising use of resources and contributing to sustainability. Finally, care provision to elderly residents is addressed in Trusted eCare Services, which provide both the means to deliver video-based care services into tenant homes and the tools to coordinate personal delivery of care between the different professional groups – medical, social, housing – involved. Seven leading social housing providers in three Member States with the largest of social housing participated in this market validation. The services are already in current roll-out plans of the seven consortium members, in common with many other providers of social housing in Europe. Social housing providers belonging to the membership of European association CECODHAS intend to deploy a range of new eBusiness services which engender the trust and confidence of all their users and represent best practice in the field of social housing.